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Upgrading a Console Server's Firmware from the Command Line CLI

You can upgrade the firmware in your Eaton device from the command line. The command to determine the current firmware version is cat /etc/version. This will print the current version and model information.

Before upgrading, we strongly recommend creating a configuration backup using the config -e command.

Staging the Firmware Image onto a Local FTP Server or TFTP Server

The following is the netflash command for the local FTP server:
netflash -f <Your_FTP_Server_IP> <path_to_firmware_flash_file>

  • Replace <Your_FTP_Server_IP> with your local server address.
  • Replace <path_to_firmware_flash_file> with the file location on your FTP server.

The following is the netflash command for the local TFTP server:
netflash <IP_address_of_TFTP_server> <name_of_current_firmware.flash>

  • Replace <IP_address_of_TFTP_server> with the address of your local TFTP server.
  • Replace <name_of_current_firmware.flash> with the name located in the root directory of your TFTP server.


  • When running the netflash command, you must be logged in as the root user. If you are logged in as an admin user, become a root user with sudo -i. Then run the netflash command.
  • After the command has finished, the unit will reboot and the firmware will be updated. Configuration is maintained and automatically updated (migrated) for the new version.
  • You can also run netflash with a selection of switch options. These are not usually needed for general operation and should only be used under guidance from Eaton Technical Support.

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