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Troubleshooting Eaton's SRCOOL12K Portable Air Conditioner

Quick Fixes for Common Support Issues

1 The SRCOOL12K rack AC unit is producing ice or frost build-up.
Problem: Insufficient air flow across your unit's evaporator coil.
Cause: If your unit is not properly blowing inside air over the evaporator coil then the heat exchange cannot take place, meaning the R410a refrigerant that should be removing heat from the room is not operating properly. Over time, the unit's temperature will continue to drop and your air conditioner will produce ice or frost build-up.
Solution: The fan speed is most likely set too low. If the fan speed is not set on high, there is a likelihood that ice or frost build-up on the unit may occur. Reference the "Operation" section of the Owner's Manual.
2 The SRCOOL12K portable rack air conditioner will not power on.
Problem: The unit will not power on when plugged into an AC outlet.
Cause: The unit's plug has a RESET button that needs to be pressed in order to activate the plug.
Solution: To activate the plug, press the RESET button before powering the unit on. A red LED illuminates on the plug, and the unit will beep when activation is complete. Also, check that the unit is plugged into a working AC outlet and that the fuses and circuit breaker are functioning properly. Reference the "Installation" section of the Owner's Manual.
3 The SRCOOL12K portable rack AC unit continuously cycles Off/On.
Problem: The unit continuously cycles off/on with an SRCOOLNETLX cooling management unit attached.
Cause: If your unit is not connected to the SRCOOLNETLX in the proper sequence, it can potentially cycle off/on without human intervention.
Solution: 1: Power on the SRCOOL12K and the SRCOOLNETLX to check that the SRCOOLNETLX is disconnected from the unit.
2: Check that the SRCOOL12K is powered on.
3: Make sure the SRCOOLNETLX is properly connected to the SRCOOL12K.
4: Apply power to the SRCOOLNETLX by plugging it into a reliable AC outlet.
Reference the "Installation" section of the Owner's Manual
4 The portable rack AC unit is leaking water and may be producing excessive noise or vibrations.
Problem: Leaking water and excessive noise and vibrations.
Cause: The drainage plug is not installed properly, or the unit has not been installed on a level surface.
Solution: Move the unit to a level, stable surface. Also check that the drainage plug is properly installed. Reference the "Installation" section of the Owner's Manual.
5 The portable rack air conditioner is not providing cool air.
Problem: The unit's cooling performance is unsatisfactory.
Cause: The air exhaust or intake is blocked, the temperature setting is too high, the fan speed setting is too low, or the air filter is dirty.
Solution: 1: Confirm that all ducts and intakes are clear of obstructions.
2: Adjust the temperature setting.
3: Adjust the fan setting.
4: Clean the air filter.
Reference the "Operation" section of the Owner's Manual.

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