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3-Phase UPS Preventive Maintenance


3-phase UPS systems represent a significant investment, but it pales in comparison to the cost of downtime or premature replacement. Preventive maintenance (included with annual service agreements) significantly reduces failure rates by identifying potential threats early, so you can correct problems before they cause downtime and lost productivity. Preventive maintenance is the key to UPS reliability, longevity and cost control.

Key Benefits

  • Prevent Costly System Downtime and Business Interruption: Your UPS protects you from downtime during outages—but only when it is working properly. All UPS systems have wearable components—such as batteries, capacitors and fans—that must be checked periodically to ensure they are still operating within specifications, and those components must be recalibrated, repaired or replaced when they are not. Regular preventive maintenance significantly reduces failure rates by identifying potential threats early and ensuring your UPS system is ready to protect you. Without it, UPS problems may not be apparent until the UPS has to support the load during an outage, which is exactly the wrong time to find out whether it is working.
  • Extend the Lifespan of Your UPS: Preventive maintenance can reduce costs while extending the service life of your UPS system and its batteries to increase your return on investment. For example, without preventive maintenance, undetected problems such as elevated operating temperatures can reduce battery service life and increase your cost of ownership significantly.
  • Increase Efficiency to Reduce Operating Costs: Avoiding downtime is important, but it is not the only problem to consider. If your UPS system has not been properly maintained, it may be wasting electricity—and money—around the clock. For example, preventive maintenance can detect and correct load imbalances to reduce heat loss and improve efficiency.

Note: Service availability varies by product and region. In addition, your product's warranty may include terms and conditions not described here. Refer to the warranty statement or contact Eaton for more information.

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