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3-Phase UPS Planned Replacement Services


Eaton products are built to provide outstanding reliability and long service life, but there comes a point for every UPS system when it makes more sense to modernize than to absorb the cost and risk of keeping an obsolescent system in service. Eaton’s planned replacement services provide a free assessment of your current UPS, balancing the cost of replacement against the cost of maintenance and risk of downtime. Once you decide to upgrade, planned replacement services help you make the transition efficient and seamless, minimizing disruption to your critical operations. Note: In many cases, Eaton can also provide planned replacement services for UPS systems from other manufacturers.

What's Included

  • Power Technology Assessment: A remote evaluation of the UPS system and connected equipment combined with a comparative budgetary and technical analysis of the costs and benefits of upgrading to a new UPS, including cost of ownership. (In some cases, an on-site assessment can be provided free of charge.)
  • UPS Decommissioning Advice: When you decide you are ready to upgrade, we will help you plan the transition to minimize disruption to your production environment.

Contact the Eaton service team for more information.

Note: Service availability varies by product and region. In addition, your product's warranty may include terms and conditions not described here. Refer to the warranty statement or contact Eaton for more information.

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