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How to Reset a Console Server's Factory Default Settings

A factory reset will reset your console server back to its original factory default settings. The IP address will reset to

There are three ways to reset the console server to factory defaults:

  1. Use the Web console.
  2. Use the Erase button.
  3. Use the command line.

  1. Use the Web Console

    Check both Config Erase and Reboot in the SystemAdministration menu and then click Apply.

    web console reset

  2. Use the Erase Button

    Use a ball-point pen to depress the recessed Erase button:

    • Depress the Erase button twice within a 2 second period.
    • Depress the button while the unit is powered ON.
    • Depress the button gently.
    Note: Do not use a graphite pencil.

  3. Use the Command Line

    To perform a factory reset from the command line, type flatfsd -i

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