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How to Install PowerAlert NSA (Windows)

  1. Pre-Configuration:

    • Open UDP ports 161, 162, 3664 and 3665 on your computer's firewall software and disable the Windows SNMP trap service. The host computer for the device that PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent will be monitoring must also have UDP ports 161, 162, 3664 and 3665 open on its firewall software.
    • If PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent will be configured to monitor an SNMPWEBCARD, enable the card's SNMP access with read/write permission and define a read/write community string. (The default community string for firmware version 12.04.0048 and above is "tripplite." For prior versions, enable read/write SNMP access.)

    Note: The computer that PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent is installed on should have a static IP address; if the address is dynamic, PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent must be reconfigured each time it changes.

  2. CD-ROM or installer Download: If a PowerAlert CD-ROM is bundled with your UPS system and you have not already done so, insert it into your computer's optical drive and proceed to Step 3. If a CD-ROM is not bundled with your UPS system, download the latest PowerAlert installer from

  3. PowerAlert Software Installation: Follow the on-screen prompts to install your PowerAlert software.

    Click Next to continue.

    Review the License Agreement, select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next.

    Click Install to begin the installation.

    The software will then begin installation. It may take several minutes for the installation to complete based on the connection speed.

    When the installation has completed, click Finish.




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