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Configuring a Console Server's Network Port or Resetting the IP Address from the Command Line

By default, your Eaton device has the static IP address and runs a DHCP client. You can reconfigure the IP address using the Management console, or it can be assigned using ARP ping. Or, you can reconfigure the IP from the command line.

Use SSH to connect to the device at its current IP address (ssh username:serial@ to access a command line interface. You can also use Telnet if it is enabled (Telnet is disabled by default).

At the command line, you can reset the console server IP address using the config command. For example, to set the IP Address to, Network Mask to, Default Gateway to, and Primary DNS to, you would issue the following commands:
# config -s config.interfaces.wan.mode=static
# config -s config.interfaces.wan.address=
# config -s config.interfaces.wan.netmask=
# config -s config.interfaces.wan.gateway=
# config -s
# config -s config.interfaces.wan.dns1=

Then, synchronize the device with this new configuration:
# config -r ipconfig

You can now use the pmshell command to connect to a local serial port. You can also use Telnet or SSH to reach a specific TCP port to connect directly to a serial console.

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