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Available Escape Sequences and pmshell Menu Commands Inside a Console Server Session

In Console Server mode, when connected to a serial port device using Telnet/SSH or SDTConnector, you are connected via pmshell.

First, initiate the pmshell Shell Commands menu (see below).

From your preferred terminal emulator (Putty, SecureCRT, Mac Terminal, etc.), enter the following:

$ pmshell
(user or admin)


# pmshell
(root user)

If you receive the following error, it usually means that no serial ports have been configured:
ERROR: Insufficient permissions

Configure the ports under Serial & NetworkSerial PortEdit → Click Console Server Mode radio button and then click Apply.

When a serial port is configured, the example menu is displayed. Enter a device to be managed:
> 3

Once the device has been entered, typing ~? will display the shell commands:

Note: The ~? characters in this escape sequence should not be visible. If you start to see the text you are typing, hit Enter 1-2 times to refresh.

Shell Commands and Explanations:
~b Generate BREAK BREAK sequence is often used in device recovery situations.
~h View history Recent port history of RX/TX operations.
~p Power menu (Optional) If a managed PDU has been configured, the Power menu can be pulled up directly from the device.
~m Connect to port menu Returns you to the main pmshell selection menu when connected to an active console session.
~. (tilde period) Exit pmshell Exits the pmshell system when connected to an active console session.
~? Show this message Displays pmshell command usage information.
To access the Help menu, type the following command:
~~? Note: Double tilde is required for all OpenSSH-based terminals (Mac & Linux)

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