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On-Line, On-Demand

How Economy Mode can save you 10% on your electricity bill.

SmartOnline UPS Systems operate in on-line mode by default. This means that they continuously convert AC input power to DC (battery) power, and then convert the DC power to regulated AC output power. Continuous double conversion produces ideal output, but does not provide maximum efficiency. Because all UPS systems are less than 100% efficient, part of the electricity drawn by the UPS is lost as radiated heat before it reaches your equipment. The radiated heat also requires cooling systems to work harder, consuming an additional 0.5 watt of cooling for each watt lost by the UPS.*

smartonline economy mode

All SmartOnline UPS Systems feature an Economy Mode setting. In Economy Mode, the UPS increases efficiency by implementing dynamic double conversion, which means it suspends or resumes double conversion automatically as the quality of input power changes. As long as input power quality is satisfactory (±10% of the nominal voltage setting), the UPS system suspends double conversion and operates with maximum efficiency. If input power quality deviates from the designated safe operating range, the UPS system resumes double conversion until input power quality improves.

efficiency comparison graph

Economy Mode operation improves overall efficiency by reducing energy consumption and BTU emissions. Eaton's SmartOnline UPS Systems are up to 97% efficient in Economy Mode, a potential increase of 10% or more versus comparable on-line UPS systems. Higher efficiency means lower utility bills; SmartOnline UPS Systems can save over $20,000 per year for each 160kVA load they support.** They can also reduce a facility's CO2 emissions by 136 tons (equivalent to the CO2 generated by more than 2,000 flights from New York to Washington) and conserve more than 200 megawatt-hours of electricity (enough to power 18 typical U.S. homes).†

electricity cost savings chart

Economy Mode can be turned on and off at any time, from any location, using Eaton's free PowerAlert software. You can also schedule Economy Mode, allowing the UPS system to provide maximum protection during peak hours and maximum efficiency during off-peak hours (e.g. nights or weekends).

* As reported by Gartner, IBM, Intel and other sources.

** The data center savings estimate compares a SmartOnline UPS System operating at 97% efficiency in Economy Mode to an on-line UPS system operating at 87% efficiency. The calculations assume a 24x7 duty cycle and 2008 average commercial electricity cost of $.1028 per kilowatt-hour, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. Your actual savings may be more or less, depending on your specific application and local utility costs.

† 2007 average residential electricity consumption was 936 kWh per month, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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