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Help prevent power cords from disconnecting accidentally and confirm that critical IT equipment remains powered to avoid costly downtime.
  • Fit snugly over the end of C19 power cords to eliminate loose connections
  • 10 times more retention force than standard cord/inlet connection
  • PA66 nylon construction meets UL 94 standards with a V-2 flame rating
  • Install easily with no special cables, outlets, tools or hardware needed
  • Yellow coloring permits fast, easy identification in a crowded rack or PDU
  • 2-year limited warranty


Plug-Locking Devices Keep IEC Power Cord Connections Secure
IEC power cords are often loose-fitting and can be accidentally disconnected from a PDU, UPS system or AC power outlet by just the slightest nudge or vibration. In order to prevent accidental disconnection during network maintenance and ensure critical data center equipment remains powered, these plug-lock inserts fit snugly over the end of a detachable C19 power cord.

Increases Your Retention Force by 10 Times
With 10 times more retention force than a standard cord-to-inlet connection, the plug-lock insert prevents the cord from coming loose from the inlet. It strengthens the connection, keeping critical equipment plugged in and running during routine rack access and maintenance.

Fast and Easy to Install
Installation is a breeze. Just place a plug-lock insert over any C19 input cord and connect it to any C20 inlet. To disconnect the cord from the power source, grip both the cord and the insert’s tabs at the same time and pull. These plug-lock inserts are compatible with all detachable C19 power cords with no special cables, outlets, tools or hardware required for installation.

Constructed to Meet UL 94 Safety Standards
A no-clutter alternative to zip ties, these inserts are money savers next to more expensive proprietary electrical-cord locks. They are made from high-strength PA66 nylon that meets UL 94 standards with a V-2 flame rating. The yellow color-coding helps you identify the cord quickly in a crowded PDU or rack. Each package contains 100 inserts.

Package Includes

  • (100) PLC20YW Plug-Lock Inserts, Yellow
  • Instruction sheet
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332209108
Accessory TypePlug-Lock Insert
Accessory ClassPDU Accessories
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)3.40 x 8.10 x 12.60
Shipping Weight (lbs.)0.70
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)1.310 x 1.160 x 1.050
Product ComplianceRoHS
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)2-year limited warranty

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