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Easily add extra surge-protected power outlets with extra wide spacing in computer rooms, workbenches, repair shops, labs or anywhere that needs to connect many electrical devices simultaneously to a single AC wall outlet.

  • 8 NEMA 5-15R outlets with 5.28-in. center-to-center spacing – wide enough for transformers without blocking adjacent outlets
  • Rated at 1800W, 120V, 15A, featuring a resettable circuit breaker to prevent circuit overloads
  • Integral, premium-grade, 1650-Joule surge suppressor to protect sensitive electronics from destructive AC transient surges
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting with adjustable mounting clamps
  • Rocker-style, illuminated power switch with locking safety cover to prevent accidental turn offs
  • Certified to meet UL 1449 3rd Edition and UL 1363 standards


    Multi-Outlet 120V Power Distribution and Surge Protection for Locations with Limited Free Space
    • 1800W, 120V, 15A, corded, multi-outlet power strip that connects multiple electrical devices in close proximity to a single AC wall socket
    • Contains an integral surge protector to eliminate the need for a separate desktop unit that can clutter up your work space
    • Saves the time and cost of installing new outlets in un-powered areas
    • Ideal for branch circuit power distribution to telecommunications, computers or internetworking equipment in rack enclosures, workbenches, table tops, work stations, offices, factories, repair shops, test stands and engineering labs

    8 Widely Spaced Outlets That Fit Transformers or AC Adapters without Blocking Adjacent Outlets
    • Features 8 NEMA 5-15R outlets that are compatible with all standard electrical equipment
    • Each outlet is spaced 5.28 inches apart (center to center) – wide enough to fit transformers or AC adapters without blocking adjacent outlets, so you can fully utilize the power strip all the time

    Premium-Grade, Surge Suppression to Protect Against Destructive Surges and Line Noise
    • Contains a premium-grade surge suppressor rated at 1650 Joules that goes well beyond competing surge protectors, giving you an exceptional level of AC transient surge and EMI/RFI line noise protection for computers and other sensitive electronics

    Adjustable Vertical and Horizontal Mounting Options
    • A convenient method of optional horizontal or vertical power distribution
    • Its 48-in. length and strip-style form factor fits in the most confined spaces unobtrusively
    • Easy-to-install with adjustable mounting clamps

    Premium Safety Features
    • Features an illuminated, rocker-style power switch with a locking, transparent guard to prevent accidental turn offs
    • An integral, 15-amp resettable circuit breaker prevents dangerous circuit overloads that can irreversibly damage connected equipment

    Rugged, Durable Housing
    • A rugged, all-metal housing is durably constructed making it a great solution for industrial applications
    • An attractive gray housing with stylish black receptacles match the decor of most professional settings

    Package Includes

    • SS480806 Power Strip/Surge Suppressor
    • Set of adjustable mounting clips
    • Warranty information
    • Instruction manual
    RoHS compliant


    UPC Code037332186430
    Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported120V AC
    Recommended Electrical Service120V
    Input Cord Gauge (AWG)14
    Voltage Compatibility (VAC)120
    Input Plug TypeNEMA 5-15P
    Input Cord DetailsSJT
    Input Cord Length (ft.)6
    Right-Angle PlugNo
    Frequency Compatibility60 Hz
    Output Receptacles(8) 5-15R
    Circuit Breaker (amps)15
    Outlet Spacing5.28-in. center-to-center spacing
    SwitchesCombination AC circuit breaker and lighted 2-position power switch controls power to all outlets
    Locking Switch CoverTransparent locking switch cover
    AC Suppression Joule Rating  1650
    UL1449 Let Through Rating500V UL verified
    EMI / RFI Filtering  Yes
    Network (Ethernet) ProtectionNo
    Power Cord ColorBlack
    Housing ColorSilver
    Included Mounting AccessoriesSet of adjustable mounting clamps
    Mounting Holes or SlotsNo
    Outlets Measurement (Center to Center)5.28
    Receptacle ColorBlack
    Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)2.40 x 3.40 x 51.90
    Shipping Weight (lbs.)3.30
    Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)1.250 x 1.620 x 48.000
    Unit Weight (lbs.)2.64
    Outlet Spacing5.28-in. center-to-center spacing
    Product CertificationscUL Listed; UL 1449; UL 1363; UL Listed
    Product ComplianceRoHS
    Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

    Questions & Answers

    A surge protector will protect your electronics by acting as an “electrical sponge” by clamping down on spikes, “soaking them up” and converting the excess energy into heat, thus preventing the spikes from passing through the surge protector into the sensitive electronic devices and damaging them. As with any “sponge” a surge protector has a limited absorption capacity. Once that capacity is reached, the unit is no longer able to protect and must be replaced.
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